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Ghost Stories

Ghost tries to free Chronus

Posted - Thursday, September 07, 2017


Dateline: Dicken's Opera House Longmont, CO.

When Dragontown Dan (Alice Cooper Tribute Band) played their most recent concert, the last thing they expected was a legendary concert hall ghost to set their 8'.5" Purple Albino Goldenchild Reticulated Python loose in the venue. There is a storied history of paranormal activity within the facility, especially in the artists green room where the incident occurred.

Dan Howell, Alice Cooper tribute artist commented, "We were preparing for sound check as I headed to the dressing room to bring Chronus (the band's snake), down to the stage with us. The case he travels in has two secure "snap" lock handles. He has never escaped before, however, one of the handles was completely unlatched and he was more than half way out and headed under the sofa when I found him. The case was securely locked a half hour earlier." Dan continued, "There is no way to open the case from the inside and the room was locked as well. This is indeed a slippery mystery that could have sent concert goers running for the doors!"

The Dicken's Tavern and Opera House was originally built in 1881 by William Henry Dickens a relative of the famous author Charles Dickens. There is a tale of an actor and his girlfriend who were discovered and killed by the irate husband of the actress. They may still be there... now setting more than their spirits loose amongst patrons and guests.

Joe Katch

VP Promotions

Dragontown Dan Intl.


Laura's First Scare...

Posted - Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Laura Hofford Wilder is our new talent buyer for music in the Opera House.. it only took a month or two for this to happen to her.. in her own words........

"I went downstairs one afternoon to retrieve some sound equipment from a storage area next to the green room.  After I grabbed the cases and placed them on the table, I turned my back to close the storage room door, then turned back around to grab the cases.  As I turned around, I saw a tall and very solid white figure walk quickly from left to right about eight feet in front of me - seemingly moving from one door in the hallway across to another.  My first instinct was that someone else was in the green room, and I immediately grabbed the door on the right to see who was there - but it was locked.  I grabbed the handle to the door on the left and found it was locked as well.  It then hit me that though I had seen this figure go across the hall between the two doors, that I hadn't seen either door actually open.

I headed back up stairs, quite shocked.  My coworker looked at me and asked if I was ok.  I was a bit reluctant to blurt out "I think I saw a ghost!", so I said quietly that I thought I had seen something downstairs.  He just laughed and said, 'Oh yeah - that happens here.' "

Ghost of the Green Room

Posted - Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My name is Gary Brennan, manager here at the historic Dickens Tavern & Opera House. I often find myself as the only one in the building late at nights and have seen a fair amount of paranormal activity, but nothing eerier than what happened one Sunday afternoon... 

I remember summer. A beautiful day for brunch on the patio and a very busy day here at the Dickens. I was working from 8am until around 10pm and had a couple hours of a break where I decided to rest and catch up on a little sleep. Upstairs in the Opera House, behind the stage we have 'The Green Room', where traveling musicians hang out before and after their shows and inbetween sets. Instead of going home, I decided to take a nap on the couch in the room. Closed to the public, I was aware I was the only person in the 6000 square foot auditorium and had plenty of quiet time to myself... or so I thought. Dazing off to sleep I was awoken by pitter-patter and laughter from what seemed to be children playing above me on the stage and dance floor area. Worried that someone had broken into the venue, I quickly got up and patrolled the Opera House searching in every nook and cranny for unwanted guests. When I realized I was alone, but not, I quickly acknowledged the presence of something more. As I returned to the sofa, the giggling continued. Footsteps continue to run across the floor, soft and hastily. I thought to myself, "Please ghosts.. please just let me sleep!" and BAMMMM!!!... instantly a storage door padlocked behind me starting SLAMMING open and shut, open and shut as if something was trying to escape! My body, covered in goosebumps, got terrible vibes and energies as some type of being was telling me "GET OUT! GET OUT! GO!"... I didn't even put my shoes back on and scurried out of the building not needing any rest as I was awake and alert!! Joking aside, I knew I was the only one in the building. The storage room behind me is rarely used and impossible to lock from inside. In the middle of a Sunday afternoon someone, or something, tried to grab my attention and it worked. In most of my experiences the supernatural events have been somewhat positive and neutral. This one was not. This was from a different realm that I hadn't seen. To this day I no longer spend time in that room alone... 

Darling Encounters

Posted - Thursday, February 27, 2014


Darling Encounters

One evening floor manager, Gary Brennan, was summoned by his wait staff at the request of a patron. He headed over to find a couple dining in the tavern, a man and his wife. He first looked to the man he looked concerned and then turned his attention to the man’s wife. She was pale, the color stripped from her face and staring straight ahead towards her husband. After a moment the lady noticed Gary and turned her attention towards him. The woman affixed her gaze and Gary saw a deep tremor in her eyes. She whispered to him softly, “I just thought you should know you have the ghost of a young girl downstairs.” She paused and took a breath before continuing. “I was headed to the restroom when at the bottom of the stairs I saw a young girl. She looked up at me and when we looked eyes I…” The women trailed off as small tears began to well in her eyes and goose bumps shot down the expanse of her bare arms. A look of pure horror filled her gaze as she continued, “I caught her gaze and I felt this deep sadness. As if I was feeling every horror and pain the poor girl had ever experienced. It was so sad and lonely, and terrifying.” The woman stopped talking and left Gary to absorb what she had just said. This was no news to Gary however as he too had witnessed the Dickens Darling.

A few weeks ago during a Sunday brunch shift, Gary had been bartending when he caught a glimpse of the hostess entering the wine vault*. Needing to ask her a question he left the bar and headed into the vault calling her name. Only when he arrived, he found the vault empty. Feeling bewildered he turned around to see the hostess entering the tavern, returning from watering the flowers on the patio. If this was a Darling sighting, it is the only time she has been witnessed in the upper tavern area.

*The wine vault is the original bank vault which has now been converted to wine storage and private dining. It is rumored that one of the bank’s staff took his own life in that very room when the company was going through financially difficult times.


The Dickens Darling’s Midnight Snack

Posted - Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Dickens Darling’s Midnight Snack

While the walls of the dickens have seen many deaths and mysteries in its 133 years, none are as strange as the presence of the young maiden who haunts it’s restrooms. While guest hustle and bustle in merriment in the upstairs tavern and Opera house, it is said the spirit of a little girl haunts the long hallways of the basement.

                Late one evening, owner, Sean Owens, was in the downstairs office finishing up his paper work after a long night. The restaurant was closed and the happy patrons had long since left the warm walls of the tavern and headed off into the night. Sean was the only soul left in the building, or so he thought. While reclining in his office chair, scotch in hand, he heard the sound of a door swing. Concerned that a patron had missed the shouts of last call and was left to wander around the bathrooms, he set down his scotch, and poked his head into the hallway. To his surprise, he didn’t see anyone. He quickly glanced towards the stairs, but hearing no footsteps, he headed towards the girls bathroom, no one.

                He thought they must have gone the other direction and raced through the downstairs hallway, past the prep kitchen and towards stairs. He switched on the lights as he bounded up the stairs preparing himself to confront the mysterious person from the bathroom. He turned the corner when suddenly to his horror he saw the last thing he was expecting. The contents of the cooler were dumped all over the floor. All the items from the chefs cooler were splayed across kitchen, with not a soul in sight. He looked around nervously and shouted a feeble, “Hey don’t do that” as he proceeded to pick everything up and put it away.

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