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The Dickens Darling’s Midnight Snack

Posted Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Dickens Darling’s Midnight Snack

While the walls of the dickens have seen many deaths and mysteries in its 133 years, none are as strange as the presence of the young maiden who haunts it’s restrooms. While guest hustle and bustle in merriment in the upstairs tavern and Opera house, it is said the spirit of a little girl haunts the long hallways of the basement.

                Late one evening, owner, Sean Owens, was in the downstairs office finishing up his paper work after a long night. The restaurant was closed and the happy patrons had long since left the warm walls of the tavern and headed off into the night. Sean was the only soul left in the building, or so he thought. While reclining in his office chair, scotch in hand, he heard the sound of a door swing. Concerned that a patron had missed the shouts of last call and was left to wander around the bathrooms, he set down his scotch, and poked his head into the hallway. To his surprise, he didn’t see anyone. He quickly glanced towards the stairs, but hearing no footsteps, he headed towards the girls bathroom, no one.

                He thought they must have gone the other direction and raced through the downstairs hallway, past the prep kitchen and towards stairs. He switched on the lights as he bounded up the stairs preparing himself to confront the mysterious person from the bathroom. He turned the corner when suddenly to his horror he saw the last thing he was expecting. The contents of the cooler were dumped all over the floor. All the items from the chefs cooler were splayed across kitchen, with not a soul in sight. He looked around nervously and shouted a feeble, “Hey don’t do that” as he proceeded to pick everything up and put it away.

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