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Small Hands Presents: 4th Annual Inner Peace Out


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Small Hands Presents: 4th Annual Inner Peace Out



LATER Doors: 8 pm

Show: 8:30 pm - 1 am

Tickets: $10 Advance / $12 Doors


The Fourth Annual Inner Peace Out Festival will take place on Saturday, July 22nd, at The Dickens Opera House, in Longmont, Colorado. This year, the amazing, mile high mic slayer, Bianca Mikahn will headline an evening of hip hop featuring extremely talented and innovative mc's and dj's.


Inner Peace Out is an annual celebration of life and hip hop music.

Please Visit: SmallHandedBandit.com


Bianca Mikahn
Bianca Mikahn rocks the highest energy stages and fortifies the deepest learning spaces. Drawing from years as a celebrated facilitator of therapeutic arts and mental wellness workshops, Mikahn knows what it takes to connect to any and all populations through the joys and tribulations of the human experience. With noted lyrical dexterity as a primary tool, this daughter of the Mile High demolishes perceived boundaries of the so called “femcee”. Both alone and as part of the ground-breaking tribute band "Lady Wu", Mikahn has shared stages with the likes of MC Lyte, Jean Grae, Dead Prez, Mystic, Raekwon and Ghostface Killa, Bahamadia, and hometown heroes Flobots to name a few. Whether performing alone or with the various musician collectives in Denver, her stage presence and lyrical content that can mesmerize multigenerational audiences from any background, earning multiple nominations for “Best Female Emcee” in the Denver Westword. As the Lead facilitator of Check Your Head, a program offered through Mental Health America of Colorado which utilizes urban arts to encourage self-awareness and expression, Bianca has had plenty of experience recognizing and fulfilling the energetic desires of her audiences. Mikahn’s innovative approach to community outreach and articulation of internal experience has garnered her audiences at such prestigious venues as Regis College, University Of Wyoming, Denver University, Metropolitan State University, the Denver Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art as well as the legendary Fylkiengen in Stockholm Sweden among various others. As a presenter and facilitator with various homegrown non-profit groups, Bianca’s brought her unique yet relate-able style of community building to the student populations of Manual, West and Smokey Hill High Schools, Highline Academy as well as intensive groups at Excelsior Youth Center, the Family Crisis Center, and Mile High Youth Corps. Her solo projects “Left Fist Evolution”, “Nightdreams & Daymares” and “In Between Time” offer a sonic stage upon which one might absorb complexity of the spitter, dreamer, healer and ‘Artivist’ that is Bianca Mikahn.


Proximity, the hip-hop conglomerate from Denver Colorado is a group driven from life experiences and a strong passion for music. This Colorado based collaborative movement consists of two innovative MC’s and a classic hip-hop DJ. Provoke and Grafik craft positive yet conscious lyrics that everyone can relate with while J Steele applies the backbone to their live performance implemented with classic vinyl samples, and the cuts with hand speed that wink to the old school era.
In 2003 Provoke and Grafik pulled their talents together to create “Proximity Minds” an 18 track self-titled album that sold over 500 copies locally in its 2005 release. It wasn’t long before this trio was added as main support for national acts such as Jurassic 5, Swollen Members, and Nas. In 2006 Proximity took their show on the road performing throughout Colorado and the Midwest region. After creating a buzz on tour Proximity moved forward with their sophomore album “When Push Comes to Shove” in 2007.

Shortly after the group took a hiatus from the road and studio to restructure their personal lives and focus on the future planning of the next album. This ground-breaking project declared the arrival of a significant new force in Colorado hip-hop. In March of 2014 Lead by Example took their loyal fans by storm and raised flags from national media outlets such as LyricallyFit.com. Bursting out of their scene Proximity signed the dotted line and joined forces with Universal Language. An independent record label with similar sounding artists such as world renowned Windchill and Nieve. This was a perfect fit and a building block for the group’s future success.

A few months later under the new regime of Universal Language, Proximity released “The Shock Therapy EP.” Electronically infused beats with a classic hard core hip-hop vibe, this masterpiece caught the attention of a whole new group of listeners and broke them onto the world wide scale. With all these exceptional accolades, Proximity has not only risen to the top of Colorado hip-hop, but has cemented themselves a place at the very forefront of the music industry.


Jordan Polovina
Jordan Polovina, aka Funny Biz, is undoubtedly Whiskey Blanket's front man. His gigantic personality and equally commanding physical stature give him an undeniable presence both on stage and off. Classically trained on the cello, Jordan finds a way to integrate strings, harmonica, beat-boxing, freestyling, and loop pedals, often combining them in a never-before-seen whirlwind of musical talent. There's nothing this dude can't rap about and there’s seemingly no instrument he's unable to play. Funny Biz is a powerhouse of a performer and studio musician, also boasting a decade of unabashed prowess as an emcee and lyricist that continues to drive the group's innovative approach to making music.


Small Hands
Small Hands is an independent rapper/producer in Longmont, Colorado. Small Hands is best at using his words to reach beneath the surface of everyday life. His thoughts and ideas are conveyed in a comprehensive manner, with a sarcastic style that compliments the ever-maturing sound of spiritually conscious, underground hip-hop. Small Hands has played hundreds of shows over the years, from dive bars to elaborate concert venues. The live show is fun, emotional, intense and introspective. He has opened up for hip hop greats like Kool Keith, Afu-Ra, Abstract Rude, Aceyoalone, Myka 9, and more. And he also identifies himself as an influential member of the Colorado and in particular Bouder County hip hop movement. Small Hands is also the muscles and the mind behind the yearly Inner Peace Out Festival, which is happy to call, The Dickens Opera House, home.
Although always independent, Small Hands has not always been a solo artist. In 2000 he was part of a 4-person group called, Subsurface, who released two LPs: No Response, and Something to Trip Too. By 2004, the group was down to three members who began calling themselves “Level Heads”. In 2004 and 2005, they released a series of underground EPs, (Wings, Head, Thorax, and Heart), and played shows in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. In 2005 and 2006 Small Hands released two solo albums called Made In America and Power of Words, both produced by AmbianIcon. Small Hands was also part of a hip-hop/indie rock band, Generalized Other, who, in 2007, toured Colorado and released White Dwarf, Red Giant. The band broke up due to creative differences at the end of 2007 just before they were set to release their second full length album. Small Hands released an album, A Week and 27 Records (iTunes, Amazon, etc), and several singles, including his most popular track, "This is Our Colorado," (iTunes, Amazon, etc) as a solo artist, in 2009 and 2010. He then teamed up with DJ Ayrex as SMAX for an EP called POW! the Remixes, and a video for their song "Gringo" in 2011. In 2014, he released "Musicles to Frown,' a 10 track mixtape, as a free download, (www.smallhands.bandcamp.com). Since then, he has been releasing solo and collaborative tracks regularly on SoundCloud (www.soundcloud.com/smallhandedbandit) and YouTube (www.youtube.com/levelheadedent).
A quick learner with a good work ethic, Small Hands is "66 inches of ruthless persistence." He is dedicated to creating music that speaks truth to the listener, allowing them to connect to it based on their own life experiences. He has been pushing and developing his art for of almost 20 years, and appears to be in his comfort zone as of late. Check in on Small Hands often, as he consistently releasing new material.


Sass Factory
In the beginning, there was Sass. A lone atomic drifter on a quest to rejuvenate subliminal reverberations of divine bass frequencies, and balance the algorhythm with more feminine energies.

With the gravity of will, she manifested a team of three, each element humming her own exquisite melody. Illuminating orbit through perfectly aligned harmony, a trinary star symphony echoing universal synergy. Sacred G’s rooted in the medley of the galaxies.


A big bang of a blastoff blooms into a soundwave supernova! Striking chords from the coda to the cadence, serenading and reshaping, interluding constellations, sparking imaginations with their cosmic radiations.

A nuclear fusion of electrosoul funk hopspecifically prescribed to elevate dat ass, transcending sonic boundaries beyond critical mass. Cultivating Colorado culture through the craving to create, coloring outside the lines of our hot box state.

So join us on this multiversal musical mission, our vision is to magnify our droplets of wisdom. Motherfunkin’ trill magicians of this fabulous fission, weaving interstellar rhythms with our stellar transmissions.

Tune in.

Glitta Kings
The Glitta Kings are a versatile trio of musicians who have been immersed in the music industry for over a decade. Together they produce a unique take on hip-hop, soul, funk, and R&B through each of their different perspectives and experiences.

This charismatic trio captivates audiences with a clever and catchy mixture of vibrant music and humor that makes people want to get down, while laughing ‘til it hurts. Their music is performed with such intense levels of energy and emotion that crowds are always left wanting more.

The group started turning heads in 2011, with their debut EP 'Got Panache', and are justifiably proud and excited about their follow up album, 'Girls in High Heels Shouldn't Dance on Glass Tables', released on Halloween 2013.
Glitta Kings are looking very forward to their 3rd studio album, expected late 2017/early 2018!!! STAY TUNED


B-Money was inspired to climb the risers after watching old DMC battle videos and listening to DJs on the radio, he soon found himself fighting in battles, DJing on the radio, and appearing in the same series of videos he grew up watching. Radio and battling exposed him to a wide range of audiences and him helped land gigs at festivals, clubs, and venues throughout the world; while sharing the bill with acts including The Roots, Galactic, and Macklemore.

With a heavy emphasis on constantly honing his turntablist skills, he became a member of the Crunk Bros (DJ Crew), and was recognized as a DMC USA Finalist, toured with The Reminders, members of The Living Legends; Grouch & Eligh, Jurassic 5, The Rock Steady Crew and even The U.S. Department of State. Forever grateful of the knowledge bestowed upon him, B-Money loves educating others about the culture and craft of DJing. He has conducted workshops, classes, and lectures, working with everyone from at risk youth to university students.
B-Money prides himself on being able to connect with a diverse group of audiences, and plays for a variety of crowds. Blending musical genres from jazz, funk, soul, rock, house and hip-hop, he has been known to rock whatever audience is in front of him. Appearing in venues from New York to California. He has rocked parties and events for corporate clients including the NCAA, XFINITY, The Onion, Red Bull, Sephora, and many others. B-Money's skills and versatility make him appealing to any crowd, at any size venue, at any time!

Kris Kingquickly fell in love with many elements of Hip Hop when he was brought in by a crew of DJ's at the age of eighteen. Being hammered with expectations from older DJ's, as well as seemingly useless tid-bits on Hip Hop History, his passion for the sub culture of hip hop and it's sub genre's, quickly grew with a greater depth in perspective. Kris has released various music videos, which were been greeted with exceptional reception on YouTube and around the web. He has worked along side Hip Hop Idol Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs and Harmony, Gift of Gab, Rasul Allah, REKS and Sunspot Jonz of Living Legends and has opened for Hip Hop Legends such as Afu-Ra of The Gangstarr Foundation and many others.

Volunteering at a local radio station in his early twenties, he was befriended by promotional director Rocky Flats, and was quickly educated in the realm of public broadcast radio. Insisting that the station begin interviewing more Hip-Hop/Rap acts, he was taken to festivals, fundraisers and other events to interview some of his favorite artists including Chali 2na, People Under The Stairs, and Brother Ali. In the following year, from the living room of his one bedroom flat, he began to run a radio broadcasting special entitled the "Hip Hop Hour" from 6-8 PM every Saturday. Building content for his show he began covering events stag, interviewing artists such as Grouch & Eligh, Zion I and Evidence.

With music aired on stations 88.5 KGNU, 97.1 KGLR, 95.3 KNED, 90.5 KWHR, 90.7 Way High Radio, the Basementalism Show on 1190 AM, and audio visuals which have achieved so much critical acclaim they streamed viral; the formation of Denver Hip-Hop/Rap group DefAsFuq in the Summer of 2016 was no surprise to anyone. Meeting 2010 DMC US Finalist DJ B-Money at local Hip Hop weekly "WuTang Wednesdays," the two immediately hit it off. Over the course of the spring their duo began to transpire and by the end of summer the rap group DefAsFuq had been born.
With the direction of Andy Flebbe; who has recorded billboard hits such as Good Life and Growing Up, and has worked alongside artists such as Kanye West, Maclemore, Lil Wayne, G-Eazy and Justin Bieber, as well as Spencer Foreman eldest brother to Sean Foreman of 3OH!3, Kris King and DJ B-Money's upcoming LP entitled Origins promises to be something of a spectacular product. Release Date still yet to be announced this release will be one for decade

DJ Buncha Grief
Strait out of the UK on the 1s and 2s. Strictly vinyl only, spinning old school/underground hip-hop beats and breaks.




"A master of his flow."
- Austin Chronicle

"Crazy phenomenal."
- LiveMusicInAustin

"[SHIFT] shows why Protextor is a leader in Austin hip hop."
- Side One: Track One

Protextor (AKA p-teK) is an American hip-hop artist in Austin, TX, a member of SPACE CAMP DEATH SQUAD, a cofounder of both Austin Mic Exchange and Weird City Hip Hop Festival, and the host of The Hot Conversation podcast and live talk show. He's opened for Run the Jewels, Aesop Rock, Geto Boys, Kool Keith, Blueprint, Open Mike Eagle, Astronautilus, Doomtree, Fat Tony, and more, and a fest veteran of Sound on Sound Fest, Art Outside, 35-Denton, and Fun Fun Fun Fest Nites.

If the performer you're watching isn't soaked in sweat and collapsed on stage at the end of their set, you're not watching Protextor. Combining cut-to-the-quick lyrical slyness, emotional candor, pop culture references, and razor-sharp wit over complex and booming post-Dilla production, Protextor walks on a balance beam between indie and pop sensibilities.


It's this combination of high-energy performances, constant practice, DIY work ethic, and genuine skill that's earned Protextor respect as one of the preeminent artists emerging on the new Austin hip-hop landscape and helped him stand out from the crowd as a definite artist-to-watch.

p-teK cut his teeth in the underground hip-hop scene of Iowa City, IA, winning rap battles and opening for indie greats like P.O.S. and Sole before relocating to Austin, TX in 2008. In 2011 he self-released "Oh! What a Miracle!" [LP], which boasted a heartbreaking guest turn from Doomtree's Dessa. In 2013 he released the follow-up, a tour-of-Austin guest-laden mixtape produced by EGON and called simply "DPS|LP2". It was rated one of the best albums of the year by OVRLD.com. In 2016 he dropped SHIFT, a tour-de-force of explicit political commentary that ScratchedVinyl.com called "challenging, thoughtful, emotional, and most of all, fun."

Recently named one of the top 10 hip hop acts in Austin by Austin Chronicle, Protextor is currently finishing up an album with Grammy-winning producer Matt Puckett (Mother Falcon), a full-length with SPACE CAMP DEATH SQUAD and superproducer Bird Peterson, and hosting The Hot Conversation podcast weekly and talk show monthly.

Voz-Eleven - Consists of one Emcee and one Deejay in one. Performing back n' forth on the lyrical mic and turntablism over all original beats. Voz11 is currently working on His full length solo album this year which will be releasing early 2018 and releasing His group's (RTV) last release ever this Summer of 2017! Stay Tune!



Seating is on a first come, first serve basis. We highly recommend dinner reservations in the Dickens Tavern (downstairs) before the show for those guests wishing to have a pleasant sit down dinner with larger tables, linens, etc. Doors upstairs in the Opera House are typically at 7 pm unless otherwise specified.


Seats are limited inside the Dickens Opera House…

Be sure to come early, when the doors open, if you would like a hi-top table and/or booth seating.

You can order off of our full tavern menu from one of our professional servers; however, we are set up as a concert venue for this show – we do not want you to arrive and be disappointed if all seating has been either reserved “or” taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.



Dickens Tavern – Phone: (303) 834-9384

$100 VIP boxed seated areas available close to the stage – areas seat 8 comfortably


ALL SALES ARE FINAL  – we do not provide refunds to concerts

Online ticket price – includes a $1.00 convenience fee

Tickets purchased online will be available at Will Call (doorman) on day of show under the name of the credit card used to purchase them .



Ticket Price $11.00


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